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Our vision is lived out both individually and corporately

Gather in Community

We are a community of people. This means more than we just live in a community. It means we pursue community. When God saves us, he doesn’t just save us and leave us alone. He saves us into a people, called the church. As His church, we pursue community with one another and we pursue others intentionally. As you connect with City Church we invite you to intentionally pursue relationships with those in the church and those who live, work, and play near you. God has made us into a people so that we might be sent to people. 

Here at City Church we don’t heavily program our gatherings but encourage the church to live as disciples and gather as we are going. We do gather as a church on the 4th Sunday of most months for Community Night. If you are just getting to know our church, this is a great place to meet friends!

Love the City & Beyond

We often say that the front door of the church is the front door of our homes. We didn’t just end up here, we were sent to the city we live in by a sovereign God who is building his Kingdom here right now! What an exciting prospect to know that God is at work amongst us. The church is used by God to display his power and love to the world. As we engage in loving our city, we get a front-row seat to God making all things new!

We encourage all City Church families to be committed to being ministers of the Gospel on their streets and neighborhoods as well as ask the Lord how we can be used around the nation and world. This means that we live for others and seek out opportunities to generously give our lives away to others. We bring meals, sit with the grieving, care for orphans, and give financially to Kingdom work. Corporately we serve the city, our local schools, and partner with organizations to bring renewal to our city. We also partner with organizations like Naomi’s Village, 25 Project, and Acts 29 to bring the hope of Christ to others all over the world!

Nurture Families

As a local church, we must be equipped in order to be sent to a world that desperately needs an answer. We know that Jesus is the hope of the world. As we live in community and go out into the world, we want to equip the saints to bring the hope of Jesus wherever we go. We define discipleship at City Church as growing in submission to the lordship of Jesus. We grow as disciples as we spend time sitting under the teaching of the word and spur one another on to faith and good works. Much of this work begins within the family.  We will never be more corporately than we are individually. Each individual in our church must be growing in submission to Christ for our church to be as beautiful as she can be. 

This is the heart of how we view our various ministries. Within the family, parents are the primary disciple-makers. We want to partner with parents and guardians to help you make disciples in your home. From birth through launch we intentionally walk with parents to help you point your kids to Christ. Our City Church Littles & Kids are open on Sunday mornings and each week these ministries provide age-appropriate environments to teach the Bible. City Church Students gather with the church on Sunday mornings. The number one predictor of whether young men and women will remain engaged in the life of the church after leaving home is whether they grew up watching Mom & Dad worship Jesus. Students also gather together on Wednesday evenings in grade-based small groups. This is where they are taught to study the Bible and equipped to serve the church. Every Sunday you will see students serving in the church in every area of ministry! 

Study the Bible

The church must be anchored to the truth of scripture. There must be ultimate authority given to something that directs and corrects us. That authority is the word of God! God has made himself known to us and he has done that primarily through his word. It is amazingly good news that we can know our God. Too many Christians take their bibles for granted. At City Church, everything we do is rooted in our study of the Bible and our understanding of what it teaches us about God and about ourselves. 

At City Church, you will hear expository sermons that are most often taught in series where we are working our way through whole books or large sections of the Bible. Since our launch in 2014, we have taught through: 

Joshua (in progress)
Matthew (Sermon on the Mount)

We also arrange our smaller gatherings around the Word. So often in life when small groups of friends gather, they talk about life, wins & losses, and perhaps at some point might consider what God has to say. We encourage the people of CIty Church to commit to one another in something we call Fight Clubs.  A Fight Club is simply a gathering of friends who commit to meeting together regularly and prioritize: Text, Theology, and then Life. Fight Clubs gather around the study of the Word. As they study the word they ask what it teaches them about God (theology), and then apply that to life. We want to grow in submission to the Lordship of Jesus and we do that best when we know Christ through his word.