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City Church Melissa is led by a plurality of Elders. This is relatively uncommon in American evangelicalism, but it is the New Testament model. Wherever Paul set up new churches, he instructed them to install Elders (plural) as mature and qualified believers became available for such a calling.  You can find more about this in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.

The greek word for Elder (“overseer”) is the same word from which we get our term for Pastor. So rather than being something like a board of directors (and distinct from Deacons), Elders are primarily pastors, shepherds watching over the spiritual sheep God has entrusted to our care.


Current City Church Melissa Elders

Ryan Ross

Elder | Teaching Pastor

Matt Nix

Elder | Worship Pastor

Kyle Hendrickson

Elder | Executive Pastor

Adam Stone


Ben Wilkins


Kent Davis


Pat Knight